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Thanks for the comments guys.

When I found out about the Lemon Dekota Leather I thought yeuch but the guy said I had to have a look as pictures wouldn't do it justice. To me it just looks cream so I'm happy with that although I'm convinced the dashboard is not 100% black...

Re the upgrades. Strange as no Zenon's either but speaker upgrade yet poor spec stereo... Sounds the bolloks though. The exhuast conversion was around 500 inc new diffuser although wonder if I should colour code it or something?
Wheels came with the car and are dark grey but think the rears could do with a little spacing as think they set too far in. Brings it more up to date I think. Phone is through the Parrot car kit but think its better as more features through it rather than BMW set up (or so I'm told..)
Where's the best place to buy a black grill and any other things I should be thinking of? Don't want to spend lots of cash at the end of the day it is getting used as part time work horse...