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Originally Posted by Blake P View Post
+1. Such speculation is as informative as reading the Enquirer. I know they say scott is a so-called "insider" but he was the one saying that the new 3 series touring would not be coming to the US. Low and behold, the F31 is coming!
Yes I did say that because in the original strategy that was the decision.
Things change , especially in the auto industry. The F31 is coming to the US but if it underperforms it will be pulled quickly , especially in regards to the US Euro Premium wagon market now DOA and the long awaited arrival of the BMW X1.
The BMW 5er Touring F11 is not being federalized for the US because BMW do not justify the costs for a handful of sales.

But is this the end? Scott26 has no comments to make on the 5GT, 3GT, and in particular how this platform will evolve.
The issue with the 5er GT is that because it is not accepted in the US , that it is thought the same applies all over. People forget BMW are in other markets and in Europe and Asia and key important BRIC markets the car has done well and has achieved its original goal of 10% share of overall 5er sales.
A facelift is due for the car which will see the 5er GT inherit a four cylinder diesel for further european appeal. BMW expect great things from the 3er GT as it will be available in europe with both four cylinder diesel and petrol and entry specification.

To understand the appeal of the GT have a look at Bimmerposts GT section in the 5er section, and you can see how customers use and enjoy the flexibility it offers. Stating that everyone hates the car is a bit selfish when there are customers who see the appeal of the car.
Which for me is how no other car in that segment offers that level of interior comfort for passengers at that price. It is too early to discuss how BMW will think of a successor? But do not be surprised if it lives on , maybe becoming a lot sleeker. Both the 5er GT and forthcoming 3er GT generate significant profits above the equivalent 3er and 5er.

In the original text I put probability because although decisions are not final they are being discussed in relation to additional support in the high end luxury market , Mercedes-Benz have stated that the S-Klasse will be offered in six variants again because of the projected growth in the Premium luxury segment.
In relation to BMW's priorities regarding EfficientDynamics? What is EfficientDynamics? apart from the usual fuel saving features , lightweight technology is very much a key element of ED, and with the next 7er using that transition of material technology from BMWi with key panels being replicated from CFRP , X7 and CS II will also benefit allowing a significant weight advantage. Sharing of technology powertrains and componentry from the next generation 7er will also be advantageous and profitable.
Step 1.