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I ordered my from the same vendor a couple of months ago. I'm in San Diego and the spoiler showed up the next day. It had a UPS tag on it (it was left on the door) so I'm pretty sure it was shipped locally. Anyway, on my Alpine White E90 LCI, the fitment was absolutely perfect. The color wasn't a perfect match, but pretty darn good, particularly in sunlight.

The funniest thing was the installation instructions that came with it. The translation was hilarious like reading those chinese menu translations on the interwebz.

As for the primer that came with it for adhesion, I did as much research as I could on how or if to use that stuff. I ended up using it, but probably could have gotten away without it. I took a q-tip and applied it sparingly directly to the trunk (after swiping with alcohol to remove wax and dirt), then stuck the spoiler on there. Its holding up very well. It was the best $62 mod.