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Interesting conversation at BMW this morning

I went into Sytner BMW to pick up tweeter mouldings for my car (wont name which one but for those who know Toys r Us just off J2 M5 will know which one hehe)

While i was there I thought I show the parts guy some pictures I took of my sump which I think the gasket is leaking. He looked at the pics and agreed most likely it was the gasket and priced me up a sump gasket @circa 20. I asked him how much roughly to fit and he said around (in his opinion but would have to ask SA for proper quote) 150 which I thought not to bad. I then mentioned I had BMW extended warranty and aksed if this would be covered by warranty. He asked the SA who did not really give a definitve answer, so then I asked him how much BMW would charge and wait for it......

430(does not include the oil and filter which would be on top) just to change the gasket. the parts guy looked at me and I looked at him back as we were both were thinking f*** me and which I bursted out laughing. What really made me was the look on the SA face when he quoted that price in thinking that was a competative price

So anyway is this something a local garage could or requires special knowledge/tools? Am I right in thinking drain oil, inbolt sump, remove old gasket, clean, fit new gasket, fill up with oil ?