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Originally Posted by CarAbuser View Post
I'll second that one. 30k worth of a BMW parked in what looks like a warzone is always going to attract attention.
Best way to prevent theft is to live somewhere that's not full of thieving cants.
problem is though no matter where you live your car will not be parked up all day every day in your garage ! living in a safe neighbourhood does not guarantee that your car will be safe only makes it a little less likely in my opinion. how many times have people actually broken into nice homes just to take the car keys or when you are out shopping etc

i have resigned myself now that there is a good chance my car will get stolen even though i have taken the neccassary precautions. the worst part is, apart from the fact its the best car ever have owned (so far), if it does get stolen is having to choose another make or lower spec second hand bmw but what i will NEVER do again is buy another new bmw. fyi a friend of mine who installs car alarms knows of 8 high end bmw's being stolen only last week !