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Rogue IKON vs Magnaflow 14815

So for the last few days i have been contemplating on which of these 2 mufflers to get. I have read numerous posts on the forums and searched as far back as 2006 and i am hearing good and bad things about both. Well for one last time i would like everyone's opinion on these 2 choices. I only plan to swap my stock muffler, i am not interested in doing a muffler or resonator delete so please do not suggest these options. I am also not interested in the PE. To be honest i haven't heard these 2 mufflers on a 330i without any resonator deletes so im not 100% sure what they even sound like with a direct swap for the stock muffler.

I have come up with advantages and disadvantages for both of these, they are below.

The good: seems to be better sounding, direct fit - no pipe bending required.
The bad: TRIPLE the price, on some pics members posted it looks to hang a bit too low, and canister is visible from the drivers side?

The good: WAY cheaper, slightly nicer tips
The bad: some people say there is drone on the highway, have to bend the exhaust pipe 90 degrees, the inlet is only 2.25" - is this too small for the E90 exhaust piping? I heard of possible low end torque loss.

So there is a lot more negatives for the Magnalow, some of them may not be true, i am hoping to get some feedback to help me make a decision, and if you guys know of any videos with these mufflers, without resonator or cat deletes.

Thank You