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Originally Posted by m1bjr View Post
Do you know what is required for the sump drop/removal?
Perhaps its no so easy as you imagine.
How long would it take YOU to do it?

I am not to sure tbh, I have replaced sump gaskets in the past on other cars which have taken me around 2 hours because I didnt have access to ramps and just using trolley jacks/axle stands

From a quick look underneath I cant see anything in the way of the sump removal so I presume its straight foward but then again I could be wrong. But Im guessing if I was to do it would probably take me 3/4 hours as I have never worked on this car before.

However I would presume for a BMW techy who is experienced should take a lot less time. Take for e.g BMW rates at 1 hour - 110.
430 - 20 (for part) = 410
The amount left over equates to just under 4 hours labour. If I guess it would take me around 4 hours to do I would expect a mechanic to do it less, if not half that time? i dont know??

Although the parts guy did say under his breath that he has seen this sump leak few times before and should not cost more than 150