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Originally Posted by 335pilot View Post
I recently had to swap my 3 year old X5, which we really liked and enjoyed, for a qx56 when my family of three became a family of five. I would have traded for an X7 for sure. X7d would be fantastic.
Agreed. The X7d would be a definite consideration for our household, especially considering we had originally intended on picking up a GL diesel over the X5.

Originally Posted by Smokey View Post
X8?! Wow! Never thought I'd see the day when bmw would make an suv/ sav the size of the largest or longest Esclade! I thought the X5 is already huge, but I guess not. I understand bmw needs to compete with other manufacturers, I just hope spending on r&d for the M cars is not reduced. Two thumbs up for the CS II concept.
The X5 is nowhere near close to huge. Our neighbours have an F150, F350 and Expedition respectively and the X5 looks downright small compared to them.

It is at best a mid-size SUV, even smaller with the useless third row.

Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
They sure as hell did blow that!

I don't know I agree with your second point though; I don't see my local dealer discounting Cayennes heavily for the sake of competition. On the other hand, that is what ruled it out in my consideration before getting the X5. When I looked at what I got in the X5 for the same money vs. the Porsche, there really was no comparison. So they could have an issue there...not sure. Certainly the Porsche name is still a higher status symbol than BMW - at least in the US.
I'd agree that there is no comparison. The new Cayenne is better in pretty much every respect. Deciding whether the additional $15Kish is worth it is a matter of opinion.