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Originally Posted by chrisk03 View Post
Interesting. I think the first person on e90post who got the PPK installed (Ver 2) lost his fog lights. I guess you could tell them yea or nay on the air vents that come with the kit...a la 335is look/functionality. Is that what happened with you Doz...declined the vents?
I didn't decline the vents. I mused over having them put an m-sport bumper on the car, but they said they could make some nice and unobtrusive vent holes, which I never noticed until maybe a week after getting the car back. They did a pretty nice job, actually.

It's been a pleasure having a sleeper vehicle. It looks like a low rent 328, except for the dual exhaust, but it's nice and fast, has a great exhaust sound, can corner like nothing I've driven before, and the cops don't tail me.... much.
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