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Originally Posted by WhiteonWheat View Post
<flame suit on>

Someone explain this to a retarded newbie to BMW's.

A few newbie quesitons:

1.) What exactly is this - software that I upload to the car via what - my comp? Or is it something that I hardwire in and leave in that upgrades the ECU?

2.) How difficult is the install. As you can tell from my post - I wouldn't have a clue - so is there a step-by-step install instructions with this?

3.) I'm assuming it's going to void my warranty - correct?

4.) Can I upgrade engine performance parts without screwing up the tune? Like if I get a new intercooler or exhaust etc?

5.) Do you need an oil cooler (mine is non-sport and I feel like I need to shop for an oil cooler for this car, but is it necessary?)

6.) Can you always switch back to stock Tune and how would you do that?

7.) How much is it? - nevermind - re-read ($379)

Sorry to the guys who are reading through this thread and now are rolling their eyes reading my dumb questions - but I prepared with my flame suit, so it's all good.

Mike, can you tackle these questions. Thanks,
Happy to help..

1) Its a piggy back so it plugs into 4 sensors to intercept the signals.

2) Install is pretty simple as its only 4 sensors. 15-30min

3) If you remove it before going to the dealer there should be no issues with warranty

4) ya the tune has several maps or settings so the more mods you put on the higher you can adjust the maps/settings

5) No oil cooler needed

6) Yes you can switch back to stock mapping via the USB cable laptop for stage1 or the steering wheel controls with stage2

7) Stage1 is 379.00 and stage2 is 529.00

Can the stage 1 delete the tune/codes without the can tool? Also, if I purchase the stage 2, does it come with the free usb cable as well?
No the stage1 requires a can tool for code management. The Stage2 does not come with a free usb cable but its discounted to 30.00 if bought with the JB4