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posted this in other thread but ill post again here ...shipping numbers went out 3 weeks ago almost 4 now... headers would be here by now i have held my opinion in long enough ebcause i talked to gavin several times and he seemed like a decent enough guy but for anyone to think at this point their headers will be delivered is nuts... 10 people at 800 each is 8k in his pocket the group buy was one week he extended it for a month and a half.... they were supposed to be done 6 months ago .. from the once a month update we get it seems they have been in the ceramic coating process for 3 months.. as a business owner and product developer you would switch who you would use.. at this point to see anyone believe the product they ordered 8 months ago now is going to be at their doorstep is beyond crazy... not flaming anyone here but lets all use our common sense and realize the facts it was the same excuse over and over again .. the supercharger which i dont care about was in testing of summer lest year.. according to him.. yet he just put it on and was working on tuning 2 months ago and our update was supposed to come in a week.. since then not a word.. not that has anything to do with this but get the facts straight after 60 days paypal wont refund your money and he can disappear and that will be the end he isnt a sponsor on the forums so they hold no liability and the longer he drags it out without legal action the better of a chance he will get away with it! rant over.
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