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Originally Posted by CdnM3 View Post
I also had the rockers replaced recently after bringing the car in for the ticking noise. I just bought the car and had no idea that the lifters had already been replaced until my service advisor called and told me they were going to do the rockers only since the lifters were the updated ones.

I heard what I think is the lifters ticking once on a cold morning right after a cold start. Called my dealer back and told them the rockers didn't fix it. The guy I spoke to on the phone actually told me they're going to need the car for a few days since the next step is to replace the head.

What worries me is that the weather is getting warmer now and that I haven't heard the noise since, I'm worried that they will tell me they can't replicate the noise on my car and won't replace the head because of this.

I'll post an update after my appointment at the end of the month!
Honestly, I heard the noise 3 times last winter and haven't heard it again since. "If it ain't broke don't fix it" is what I'm going by. People have complained about this noise becoming an actual issue when EVERY start up it was doing it. That's when I'll worry about it.... (or until my CPO runs out 2/2014) Lol