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Originally Posted by Dubbedown View Post

I for one as a n52 owner welcome new performance upgrades BUT I don't hold my breath nether. Just accept the fact your n52 is a solid reliable motor and there are pretty decent and credible options out there, ie BMW Performance bolt-ons and AA tune. It seems silly to hold out and remain wishful for anything more; you're just setting yourself up for disappointment. Furthermore I bet most of you wouldn't even bother buying anything even if MWW came out with something like headers or a sc kit. Why?

a) you've read a thread from credible sources how catless headers on the n52 didn't yield significant improvement over stock (can't find the link but there was once a n52 race car build thread where the owner mentioned their testing showed catless headers didn't yield enough gains to justify the cost)

b) even if there is a header option, most of you will not want to bother with a hack job of an install.

c) if it is bolt-on, go back to point A and weigh the cost and you then still have to worry about CEL, passing SMOG, etc.

d) Supersprint already offers SS catless headers!

e) in the case of a SC kit, we saw how ARMA turned out and seeing how MWW hasn't really won anyone over with tangible/proven/positive updates or results, would you really want to spend $x,xxx hoping "this time it'll be different?"

Seriously, $400 and 10-12hp gain for a n/a motor by a reputable tuner was huge in my books. To expect or want anything more with perfect fitment, no longevity issues, and long-term customer support is really reaching imo.

that race team said supersprint wasn't worth the cost so they cut out cats from the stock header. That seems to be the best option if you can get a quality shop to do the work.