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Just in case anyone is interested I put together this quick guide.

Sit in the car to your left there is a vent next to the steering wheel, take your fingers (or pry tool) I didn't have any problems using my hands, from the right hand side and begin to pry out the vent, it is held together with friction the unit will start to come loose, don't pull too hard because the the facade is connected to the vent itself, the vent can come out easily as well, just some tabs on the back. Once you have that off you can pull out the bottom light control unit the same way with just a little pulling pressure.

There is a black box now visible to you, there are 5 if I remember tabs, just pry them a bit with a flathead, they will pop off, once you have that assembly off just look inside where the blank switch is, inside there are 2 small clips holding the switch in place, use a small screwdriver to gently pry them, you will hear a click and the switch is free of the unit, simply look at the back of the switch plate now, there are 4 tabs preventing the switch from being pressed, cut those off with a blade or nail cutters, etc, put the switch back in and button up everything else and you are good to go, shouldn't actually take more than 15 minutes but I was too timid when prying.

Turn on your lights and press, you will now see a secondary fog indicator in your cluster.