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Originally Posted by Surly73 View Post
On an AT you need to drop the pan to change the filter. I see you have 6MT so this doesn't apply to you, but the portion of the discussion I was replying to was about AT.

At 60k I would change every fluid/filter in the car if it's not known whether it's been done before. Brake, clutch, coolant, steering, transmission, diff(s), transfer case (if applies), fuel filter (though we can't on the E90), engine air filter, cabin microfilter. I'm waiting for my Pentosin CHF-11S to arrive so I can do the steering, then I just have the transmission and diff left to change on my new-to-me E90. Plugs have also already been discussed. I was pretty happy with the price I found on Amazon ($71 for 6, free shipping in CONUS).

You should probably also carefully inspect the belt and related components. Over in E39-land, a bunch of us would remove the idler pulleys and repack them with grease on a regular basis. On my 14 year old E39, the AC tensioner pulley never needed replacing and the tensioner pulley near the alternator only needed replacing once before I started this habit. I've used a stethoscope to listen to the pulleys on my 60k E90 and they sound pretty rough. Shockingly, the belt looks perfect, but I'll have to get it off to tell for sure.
Ohhh got it, would you recommend me repacking the idler pulleys as well? Its still new but just wanna be safe
Originally Posted by avocet View Post
lots of people here have had good luck with aftermarket rotors/pads. there is a ton of info here regarding that.

i used e-line r1concepts. no issues here.

changing your trans fluid WILL make a difference. i was pleasantly surprised when i went royal purple synchro max in my trans.

i used RP in the diff and castrol in the engine as well. she purrs

if you are at all inclined to DIY, these are pretty easy things to do, and there are alot of DIY guides out there.

i have no probs using ebay special parking brake shoes... after all, they are only used when stopped(i also have mine modded...)

i am pushing 90000km... 50-55k miles. will probably do the coolant and power steering fluid this summer.
I heard that royal is too good, its so good that you'd need to change the oil pretty often and ebay makes parking brake shoes? And how do you have your s modded?
Originally Posted by Yo-Hi.Red.Devil View Post
I'm at 55k, the dealer this week just did my coolant flush, clean fuel injectors before the summer hits (I should have done it at an indy shop, much cheaper and it wasn't covered under maintenance warranty). Brake pads, rotors changed last year, all fluids changed/refilled last year, all the other little maintenance renewed/changed except belts, water pump, thermostat, plugs and coils. I'd like to do those now but I'll wait maybe until summer ends. Credit card bills need to be paid off for now.

And I bring my car in modded except for the intake and I have no tune, dealer doesn't mind for everything else.
I only see that they do the very basics, I've changed my clutch about 40k miles ago how long do they last?
Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
I'm going to use a very simple analogy, I hope you'll understand.
Driving is like having sex.
It really is. You can read up all you want about how to please a woman, you can look at all the diagrams in the world, but just like the clitoris, you won't know what the hell an apex is before you actually find it.