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330i Problem with idle

Hey guys,

I have a 06 330i e90 with 95k. I've been noticing an issue recently. During normal driving, when i stop (for example at a red light) my car will sputter/shake for an instant and go back to a normal idle. Sometimes it happens more than once. The car will sputter, go back to normal for a bit and sputter again. This sputter nonsense is difficult to explain, but if this happened to anyone before please help me out, thanks!

EDIT 8/2012: This sputtering has become worse! My passengers begin to ask me questions and everything. The best way to describe the sputtering is that the sensation is similar to when you shift from N to D. I'm suspicious that it is the injectors. Every time i run a fuel injector cleaner (Techron Concentrate) the problem goes away temporarily until i put in the next tank of gas (after the tank with the cleaner). Any thoughts on this? I'm going to ordering the injectors soon hopefully if i get more confidence that this is the issue.

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