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330i Transmission problem on switching back to 1st gear

The transmission on my 330i is having some strange problem every time when I come to a stop.....

When I'm about to stop the car (on D drive), I can feel a "push/ jumping" from the tranny when its downshift back to 1st and the whole car is "jumping" forward.

I did the following test and determine the problem is on 2nd to 1st gear:

>> when I drive on M mode, the car can stop smoothly and the gear will stay on M2 at complete stop.... once I switch from M2 to M1 manually (with brake apply) car "jump forward"

>> car stop at M2.... switching from M2 back to D.... "jump" occur

Does anyone know what happen to it and what is the solution to fix this..... is it a hardware or software problem ?

Right now I try to avoid the Jumping by push to N right before stop or keep driving on M2 so the tranny wont go back to 1st on its own.

Thank you and please offer advise...

car info: 2007 330i / 43000km / change tranny oil 4 month ago but without changing the Pan/filter