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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
My car only went to limp mode twice, once was running my car super hard and the other was my friend blowing out my secondary cats lol scary as fck! So the fan randomly turning on counts somewhere in that margin of failing water pump? Or is it from coolant changing needed? My cars fan only turns onwhen I'm about to park in the garage, but usually it turns on after a long freeway run/drive
Highly doubt it's coolant since that's easily replaceable -- even with water. Typically when pushed your fan will blow for a short period of time depending on how hard you pushed it. When I ran 100% throttle re-map on my BMS tune, one block around neighboring side roads caused my fan to turn on. Bottom line is that those two things are definitely something you gotta ask your SA about but for sure you're gonna have to replace it soon.I would also suggest having them check for leaks as well since my oil housing gasket needed to be replaced ~1k BEFORE my tstat and water pump went out.