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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
I honestly feel a bit assed out, I don't have an SA anymore and I'm out of warranty :'( I don't seee any leaks and my fan only stays on for about 10 seconds and shuts off. It doesn't always turn on but it usually does after I run a few times in the canyons and drive back home. The other times it turns on is from a dead cold start and I drive right away. Other than that, I've only had one over heated problem and I've only put an eight of distilled water in the antifreeze resevoir to make it reach back to max. But definitely ill try to get an expert's help
Definitely make friends with your SA if you have the chance. My warranty was out too but to fix those 3 problems costed me less than $1k and I have 2 year warranty on the labor as well. Hopefully the posters in your thread has helped you out a bit with where to start and such but hopefully you'll find a solution that won't cost you an arm and/or a leg!