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Non Operating Fan Problem

Thanks to ENINTY and others for their contributions on this blower problem.

I have 2006 330xi and my fan stopped working completely. No heat, No AC, yet the digital display of the fan (low thru high) was still displaying.

I checked all of my fuses, which lead me nowhere. Next, I went after the blower unit while using ENINTY's notes as reference. I'd have to say that the directions are very clear. The only part that I got hung up on slightly was those 2 damn tabs on the blower that will stop you from turning the mechanism counter-clockwise.

Interestingly, now that I knew my fan was bad, I recall hearing screeching noises coming from the dashboard for the past few months. It also sounded like a windy bellowing at times then disappeared. This would happen for 1-2 seconds, then go away. It was perplexing.

After removing the blower, cleaning out some debris, and spraying some WD40 on the blower shaft, I was able to get my fan moving again. I re-installed it with a total cost of the job = $ 0.00.

I realize that my WD40 solution may very well have a limited life time but at least I know exactly what to do when the blower fails permanently.