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Originally Posted by TWiTCHY View Post
That's odd, it seems counter-intuitive to turn those aids off. Why do you do that?

BTW my concern with going with RWD is getting stuck on the hills and steep residential roads around Bellevue. Had an '06 325i a few years ago and got stuck on Somerset in the snow...same car had trouble a few years later getting up my driveway. The A4 did great in the snow, just not when it came to stopping...slid over my dad's bushes coming into the driveway, LOL.
What plarkin said. When I drove through downtown and got stuck on some minor incline, it was because DTC and DSC kept cutting the power. When I turned them all off, I was able to let the wheels spin and find myself some traction. It's good in like, the rain but in the snow/ice, the only way to drive is with it off so long as you know how to control your car.