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Originally Posted by 335i_boss View Post
anyone in edmonton have experience with alloy rim repair? curbed my rims and need them refinished
Originally Posted by aig01 View Post
Alloy Wheel Repair


Craig, Bret, & Chris DeCecco

1202-77ace NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6P1M2

780-968-1444 |
Sorry, I'm way late to this discussion. I CANNOT recommend those guys.

They were very unprofessional when I dealt with them. They did a substandard job on my wheels. I had to take them back after their initial work because they were badly scratched on the clearcoat after supposedly being refinished, and I watched one of their guys in the back hand "polishing" them with PAPER TOWELS!! When I made an objection to that, they acted like I was crazy for even thinking that paper towel can scratch paint. (Then they also fed some BS story to the sales manager at my dealership that oh don't worry our wheel paint is harder than regular paint and won't scratch).

Go to ANY car detailing forums and ask for an opinion on paper towels!

And the one wheel that had some really bad curb rash they did not properly repair. To this day it is less than perfect and I may still try and get it redone elsewhere.

The only reason I went to Alloy Wheel Repair at all is because I was getting warranty work done on the rims (for 3 of the 4, since the curb rash on the 4th was on me), and that is the place Edmonton BMW uses.

I've had several friends and businesses since then recommend Wheel Works. I have not used them yet myself, but that is where I intend to go next time I need any kind of wheel repair or repainting done.