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Originally Posted by Motif View Post
Yall forgetting that S1KRR HP4 is coming in August? If a stock S1 beat 1199 like it stole something, HP4 will demolish it and send Audi engineers back to the drawing boards.

Rumored parts of the HP4 package. Bike is confirmed, parts were not.

Full Ohlins latest race suspension
Brembo's lightest, latest monoblocks
lighter wheels, aluminum or possible carbon
engine mods to push to 200 rwhp, new mapping
frame, swingarm, front suspension, steering head mods to handle the extra hp
distinctive body panel upgrades, carbon fiber bits everywhere
Don't know if you guys know but BMW just had their first maiden win in WSBK this past weekend. Both BMW riders had race two could have nabbed a BMW 1-2 Leon got shoved by Rea and collided with teammate Melandi, who had won the first race for BMW.

Also, Audi had fuck all to do with the current Panigale and I doubt they will have anything to do with next iterations. It was simply a trophy buy for VW group. They have no motorcycle experience and I take it they will just be relegated to signing papers and giving the go ahead.