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Originally Posted by Motastic View Post
if you dont mind but that would be great, i have an e92 of course but its very similar, just the rear pieces wont match but i can work that out
Alright, I'll just attach it here in case anyone else is interested. I made the center piece a little too big so you can probably make it a bit smaller if you want.

Originally Posted by KSF View Post
any tips before i wrap my trim(aluminum)
i need a dark theme in my car now lol, i have CR seats btw. was thinking of doing gloss black but wow this brushed black metallic looks awesome too !
Just make sure you clean the trim pieces well and make sure to use a heat gun or something (for those damn corners...what a PITA). But use the heat sparingly since you might burn a hole in the vinyl.

Oh also, if you're heating to stretch, don't pull on it while you heat it. Just heat it first, let it cool a little and then stretch it. I found that it stretches way too much even if you're holding the vinyl slightly.


Originally Posted by Verve View Post
looks great!

Originally Posted by iczz View Post
I think it looks better than cf vinyl wrap!
Yeah, for me, I think it's a more subtle look compared to the CF vinyl which I thought might be too in your face lol.

Originally Posted by Bruce li View Post
Damn, that looks really nice! Good choice!

Originally Posted by Cisco661 View Post
looks great. nicely done. thinking of changing the wood interior too. dont like the vinyl look and will most likely go with CF fabric.
Thanks, I actually have no idea how fabric looks, wonder if it's easier to work with than vinyl... hmm
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