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Review Of Alpinemss / A&l Autobody / Analyze Motorsports!

So for the past few weeks I've been dealing with a few vendors and auto shops trying to get some stuff put on the car and now that I'm done I definitely need to pay my respects...

First of, I bought angel eyes from As a previous user of Lux I can say that I'm extremely happy with the "upgrade". Although I have to say I believe I had V1 of Lux and I know there are newer versions. I wanted something that was much more visible during the daytime which I found to be a flaw with the Lux. Not only are the alpine AE's perfectly visible through the brightest weather, they look CRAZY bright at night! I paired these up with 6000k foglights and I use this set up at night with the low beams off! I know some people say that it might not be enough light but you'd be surprised at how much it actually lights the road up with just the halos. Also, since I live in the city there are always other cars around so it's never that dark anyway. The only issue I have with the AE's are that up close you can really tell the difference between the interior halo vs the outer one. From 10-15 ft away they look pretty evenly lit and any farther than about 20 ft the interior halo can look like a blob almost. Either way I love them and have no regrets with the change!

I have to admit when I first got the AE's I had run into a few issues with the lights not turning on sometimes. However, with a few texts with quick replies I had replacement parts at my doorstep within a couple days. Not only is their product great but I just can't say enough about the customer service I received from Alpine. So because of their great customer service I went ahead and bought their CSL style trunk which brings me to my next review.

Again, I can't say enough about the service I got with Alpinemss. They trunk came within a week of ordering it which is a lot faster than I expected. I would say fitment is about 9.5/10 (look at pictures). As with any aftermarket part it is never going to be perfect but with the right mechanic I got it to look pretty much OEM.

First I want to give a shout out to Anthony over at A&L who painted the trunk with the tip faded into the carbon fiber. I've seen this paint job a long time ago on the forums and have had my heart set on it for awhile and couldn't be happer with the results. As you can see the fade at the tip looks AMAZING and the price was just as amazing! I'm sure most of you know about A&L Autobody already but if anyone doesn't don't be afraid to go to them for just about anything!

After I got the trunk painted I took it over to a buddy of mine, Brett, who owns a shop called Analyze Motorsports in Plainfield, IL. This guy is awesome! Since it was a aftermarket part he wouldn't let me leave until both him and I were satisfied with the results. He took his time with everything and it was also a blast just hanging out at his shop and eating some Chipotle lol! Even when I was fine with the trunk he wanted to adjust it because it didn't fit his "standards"! I was also a little disappointed to find out I wouldn't be able to use the OEM carpet liner lever the opens the trunk from inside but Brett made sure to make everything work including getting the carpet liner back on the aftermarket trunk! It literally looks OEM to the untrained eye. If anyone needs anything done at all in the Chicagoland area be sure to check out Analyze Motorsports and ask for Brett. Mention this review and my name (Saif) and he'll hook you up!

Now time for some pictures...

I also added a pic uf the alcantara boots with custom color matched stitching I got. Props again to Brett for the install!
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