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Originally Posted by reubendp View Post
I have the 12138 on my '06 330i 6MT. Kept the resonator and added Dimisa tips. I went with that particular muffler because its the same one thats part of their full catback system. I love the sound! I was like most, just wanted to hear my car at speed, when I accelerate and i wanted a more significant growl and a bit louder and that's exactly what I got. It's a nice sound. Not too deep, and not too raspy and certainly not a civic. To me it sounds like an inline 6 should sound. I've had many compliments on the sound, including my wife

Drone? None. Can I hear it slightly when I'm cruising? Sure. But that's how a sports car should be. When I'm on road trips it's barely there. But when I get on the gas it sounds great

Oh and it definitely gave the car better throttle response and torque through the whole range. Feels and pulls stronger
Lol. You should send this to magnaflow. My set up drones with it but I almost bought another one because of this.