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Originally Posted by 007MCoupe View Post
One thing no one's been talking about, or at least i didn't see...

WTF is up with Button's ride?! How can Lewis have a half-second faster setup and Button be struggling with grip in the same car?! the only thing I can try to come up with Lewis' style makes it easier with more oversteer. IDK. Button needs to get his shit together. If both McLaren were struggling, it'd be one thing...
Button was quick in Friday practice. his car is a totally different setup from hamiltons. and button's is apparently far more susceptible to track temperature than hamiltons.

Thats the reason this season is so volatile. Its the tires and none of the teams know how to setup for them. Its the reason that a different team has won each race, the team that gets the tires right for that race win.

Its also the reason that webber started in P12