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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
Great recommendations about the books, BUT...

I've found that the concepts behind driving are best EXPERIENCED and taught in person. I read up all I can before my very first track event, and while on track I couldn't execute ANY of the things I read in the books. Everything that made so much sense in my head, made NO SENSE while trying to drive it.

Those books are more beneficial to those who's gotten good personal in-car coaching first, and they can be a hinderance to beginners who are trying to learn like the OP. I can't tell you how many times I've had to "reset" a student who comes to our event with a brain full of terminology and knowledge gained from books.

Just my internet opinion.
I agree - and that's exactly why I did the track day, and plan to continue.

I definitely plan to attend a racing school, but not yet. The thing is, I've read Ross Bentley's Ultimate Speed Secrets, and I thought I new it all. Then, at the track, I realized I know nothing. I know the theory, but I don't know what it looks like in practice.

At the moment, I feel ANY seat time at the track is doing me good. I need to experience as much as I can.

Then, when I do attend a driving school, I can link to what the instructors are trying to say/teach. Moreover, I will be in a better position to ask questions.

Will I learn some wrong things? Definitely. However, at the moment I feel I need to learn to feel the car at all situations. Later on, I will focus on getting fast.

Hope this makes sense,

thanks for the replies.