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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
I have done front and rear LCI conversion.
Everything worked fined including the coding.
Initially I had some problems with the lights in bootlid as with normal lights on, rear fog lights were turning one and on reversing, lights were getting grounded. I have sorted the wiring issues, and all lights are fine and functional now.

However I am having rear right brake errors:
Following are error codes which I get OBC:
CC-ID 87
CC-ID 118
CC-ID 123
CC-ID 133
On googling all of these point toward Right side rear brake lights.

All the lights work fine and no problems.
I have check all the bulbs and they seems fine. I have also change the bulbs of rear Right side light (not the one on bootlid) but errors are still there.

Can anybody suggest what could have gone wrong? I can live with it, but it is annoying that I get errors whereas all lights work fine.
I am adding my rear light history here, before I ask any further question.

I had those error codes before coding.After coding, I discovered (actually today) that my Rear Right side (external and not boot lid part of rear light) two bulbs were not functioning, and I have changed them now. They are working. However after changing bulbs those errors are still on OBC.

My Questions to all of your coding gurus out there after reading what I have stated above;

1- When we uncheck all cold and warm checks, why should FRM / OBC give me those errors which I am getting? As we have unchecked them, so car should not be checking them and I should not be getting those codes.
Am I correct thinking that theoratically?

2- Exception to Question 1 (above) would be, If I had those errors before coding the car, and then I coded the car with presence of those errors.
Now after coding, because car is not cold and warm checking and if codes were already stored on FRM or OBC, they would always show up (as car would not check rear lights after coding).
Am I correct in thinking that?

3- If answer to my question 2 (above) is that I am correct, then the only solution, I see with it is, reset the coding back to OEM.
Car will cold and warm check the errors and if there will be no errors, OBC will clear out.
Once that has been achieved, then I could code it again.

Am I correct saying that?

I am just putting my thoughts here, and I am sure coding gurus would comment on it and would put me in right direction.