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Originally Posted by M3 Montreal View Post
What an awesome pic with a wheel in the air!

Harry's Laptimer has had some good upgrades like continuous video as opposed to every second lap.

What cradle you using?

By the way my M3 was stolen about 1 month ago. I got the insurance adjuster letting me know the settlement yesterday so I went an ordered a new M3 today.

Space Grey/Fox red full full load including competition package (billy is trying to get me the black rims) and DCT! Can't wait to get it sometime in July.

Still have my Volks (had my stock with re11's on to save tread on my NT05's for track). Ordering an AA exhaust but that's it for now. No tune and no xpipe
I'm using the Rocketfish window mount. I dont think my version has video a option, or perhaps I just havent uncovered it yet.

I'm sorry to hear about your car getting lifted. At home or elsewhere? The Space Grey is my favourite and the Comp Package and DTC should make it all worth while .
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