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Full Detail on my Baby

Hello all,

I had my car for about a year now and noticed it has a lot of the black specs on the bumpers and body (see picture 2). The car has never been fully detailed. All I do is wash the car about once a month. Instead of taking the car to a detail shop which would cost me $200+, I decided to do it myself. I was a little hesitant about the claying part but after finding out about Nanoskin I decided to give it a try. Below are a list of the products I purchased:

-Autoscrub Nanoskin Kit: This product basically take care of the manual claying part of the job. It was like magic. Instantly took out all the specs and made my paint feel like butter. I used it with my PC7224 to cut down the claying part in half.
-Zaino's Z2 pro, ZCP, ZXF, Z8, Z car wash, Z leather cleaner, Z leather conditioner: IMHO this is the best product out there. Well worth the $$$
-Polishing pads and cleaning towels.
Step 1: Wash car using 2 buckets procedures
Step 2: Clay the car using Autoscrubs with PC724. Car looked amazing and felt smooth to the touch. It was hard to clay the front and back bumper. I had to use manual process those areas.
Step 3: Polish using ZCP and PC7224. Wipe down polish. This is a mild polisher since I did not have a lot of swirl marks. Relatively easy steps.
Step 4: Seal using Z2 pro and ZCX. To be continue. I was tired and call it a night.

Below are some pictures I have taken so far....
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2014 435i M Sport //AW, CR//premium, tech, lightening pkgs//20% tint//full clear bra//ppk//blk grills//20" Vertini wheels//digital gauge//Apple Carplay//MPE with catted DP//

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