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Anyone Completed Installation of BMW Performance Springs on e92 Xdrive?

Hey all, I spent some time reading through this thread about various people's experience with spring/shock combos:

I found it very interesting and informative, but I digress, and should probably get to the point of my post!

Up until now, I've been considering installing the Eibach Prokit springs and Koni Yellows on my 2011 e92 xdrive. My goal is to get the ride height and handling on par with what the M-sport equipped e92's would be sans xdrive. After a bit of searching I realized that the BMW perf springs (yes I know, springs ONLY) seem to be compatible with the xdrive coupes; it's the struts/shocks that are not. Since I'd be using the Koni Yellows anyways, it seems that I could install the BMW perf. springs instead of the Eibachs. What I'm wondering is:

- Has anyone successfully installed BMW perf. springs on an xdrive coupe, and if so, what are your thoughts (I've searched and found people asking about their fitment but nothing documenting an actual install or user impression)?
- Has anyone installed BMW perf. springs on an xdrive coupe WITH Koni Yellows and what are your thoughts? (just thought I'd ask)

From the pics on the thread I referenced earlier in my post, I can honestly say the ride height with the BMW perf. springs is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I'm just hoping they will be a good match with Koni Yellows. Thanks for your guys' thoughts in advance!