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Originally Posted by AcidMal View Post
Had it done last week.
They told me the update failed 4 times on them at the last moment, so they ended having Germany babysit the car through the process!?!
Made me question the service dept.
Also had a noticeable alignment issue with wheel sticking to the right, instead after they fixed it, it is now slightly to the left!
Kind of lousy for a 3 week old car to have crooked steering wheel they can't fix. Is this normal?

As far as the ppk tune, I got a signed and dated badge under the hood with a white warning sticker, the metal performance badge, and in the red envelope was only the other languages for the white software warning sticker.

Exhaust became a different animal as soon as I touched the gas, it sounds heavenly and when the engine is nice and hot has this amazing burble when you let off the throttle. Deep and throaty and super sporty sounding!
As far as the performance the most noticeable aspect is the response of the throttle and engine. Power has increased but the torque pull is where I really feel it. Big difference in low end and midrange punch. Like my sa said, it just wakes the car up.

Good write-up! That's exactly what it does; wakes up the exhaust and the car. Your alignment issue will be covered under warranty. Keep coming back to them until they fix it.
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