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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
This sport (driving at speed) is MUCH different than flying IMO. In flying, there are vigorous training and certification programs and not every average Joe can walk in and claim they've flown XXX hours and grab a plane and fly.

At a DE it's entirely different.
No it's not. It's called a registrar, there's only one per club, they all know each other very well and can easily cross-reference records. CCA is the only club I'm aware of that doesn't like to communicate outside of their own world. When I decide to register with the advanced group of a new club (PCA clubZ, SCDA, trackdaze, NASA etc), I get an email from JoeRegistrar asking me for references and all I have to do is ask Marty or IanRegistrar to confirm. And it's done.

Enter CCA and in this side of the world, you get "assigned" to a group arbitrarily based on number of car entries, your previous CCA-only history, and a run format decided the night before the event. No emails, no references, you just show up the day of the event to find out that due to a large number of advanced attendees, you've been moved to intermediate, and lo-and-behold intermediate just got combined with beginners to allow time for the CCA race. And the beginners' group allows SUVs, so there goes your day.

And that's why I haven't run with CCA for the last 2 years. Sure, the instruction for beginners is truly excellent, the day schedule is followed to the T but once you're ready to progress beyond the beginner level I've found myself and most of the fellows I've met at the track look elsewhere for extra track time and instruction. SCDA being one of them.