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Originally Posted by dfv2 View Post
You may be tuning a shop N54 with E85...?

Straight up, does ATP have the tools/tables necessary in its current revision to (properly) tune the N54 for at minimum 50% E85?

Have you guys had any dyno time with a N54 other than typical stage 1 or 2 mods? Any meth tunes, E85 mixes, race gas, hybrid turbos, or customers requesting a tune with timing advance that I can't count with just two hands?
Originally Posted by ZTZ1010 View Post
The purpose of this thread was solely outline the basics of fuel for anyone who was interested in learning a bit more about the subject and add value to the forums, not to promote calibrating. Though we have already calibrated a dozen N54 vehicles through the AP. We calibrated a 1M not too long ago that was pretty extensively modified.

We have not calibrated any N54s with meth yet because I do not believe many people are aware that the Cobb AP has the ability to support meth. Cobb has no meth integration built in, but we have the ability to custom calibrate any N54 using the Cobb AP and meth so long as it is a boost or manifold pressure/injector duty cycle triggered system. With the meth being consistently delivered based on those variables we take that into consideration as we build the map. We have not tuned any N54s yet on E85 because we were planning on doing testing on our own vehicle first so that we are comfortable before we begin calibrating customer cars. It's not a question of wether or not the ATP has the capability. There are clear doubts amongst anyone who knows the platform as to wether or not the N54's fuel system can support such a demanding fuel beyond a pump gas/E85 mix. I will make sure to share any advancements in this area with the community. Within the next few weeks we will calibrating my 135i to run on race gas so I will be able to share results and data after we are done. This will be our first custom calibrated N54 with an alternative fuel source, but we have tuned numerous Cobb cars across multiple platforms for various fuels so we are fully prepared and capable.