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Stock Radio Install Questions

According to the dealer, I need to install a stock BMW radio in order for them to perform a software update (required recall HDP/HPFP software update 10ea02 by DMV of CA). I currently have an aftermarket Kenwood nav installed in my 2007 335i.

1) I've heard that you can wire in the stock radio through the trunk for programming purposes... true or false? Sounded like a long shot to me, but wanted to clarify just in case...

2) Do I need to fetch a stock radio with the exact part number (65129189200) that matches to my car? Or can I use a compatible model that will fit?

3) If my car came with Logic 7, does the replacement stock radio need to have it? If so, what models are they?

If anyone knows of any work-arounds from having to install the stock radio please let me know.