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Keep in mind that CCA is a National club and as such how clubs do business from region to region differ. I am our local chapter's registrar, albeit only for a very short time (last 6 months, 1 DE so far) and I can honestly tell you that is NOT my experience. We'll take PCA and Audi club members with equivalent experiences. We won't take SpeedTrials USA or ExtremeSpeed members of equivalent "experience." From a chapter registrar's perspective, there's maybe 2 or 3 local organizations that offer any sort of proper training program that could rival our own, and I simply can't stick someone who's done half a dozen events with ExtremeSpeed in our Advanced or Advanced Intermediate program, no matter how many times they've driven solo. But someone who drives with NASA HPDE 4? Or SpeedVentures Time Trial guy? No problem sticking them in advanced Intermediate. We do screen our Advance drivers and require that they have at least a CCA school in Advanced Intermediate AND a recommendation from their prior instructor, only because the curriculum is closer to a race school than a typical DE.

But my point stands. There are no logs. No national database. No official sanctioning body that determines if the instruction provided by an organizer is up to par. At least with BMW CCA there is a minimum national standard and if a student has been an A student with, say, the Genesee Valley chapter, there's no reason they can't be an A student with the L.A. Chapter. But I can certainly tell you that if all I have to go by is that a particular attendee has only done "private track days," there's no way in hell I can stick him or her in one of the higher run groups no matter how many events they've done unless I've seen then drive first hand.

In my personal opinion, of course.
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