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Originally Posted by GenePoole View Post
WinKFP and/or Progman will give you a warning something like: "Programming Module xxx. Module can be programmed xx more times". However, I've seen the exact same number upon multiple programmings (I had to program my ABS several times because I fat-fingered the VIN [and the ABS takes the full VIN, not just the last 7] and it read the same every time). I'm not sure if it is a bug or some internal "health" measurement of the ECU, or what, but it seems that the message is BS.
Yea I see the same thing.

It always shows me that the module can be coded 1 more time..but I see that message all the time when coding the module again.

Is it true that the dme can be flashed 30-50 times? Flash meaning "vin flashed". I don't think tuning the dme counts as a cycle as you arent writing the vin number again. I heard that writing a vin results in a recorded flash number. Confirmation?