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Installed Procede today :)


Was suppose to do it yesterday but friend had a bit of girl trouble so didn't happen. Did it this afternoon myself with my gf, was very lucky to have it installed with no problem at all.

Did do a lot of stupid mistakes though, like the first part where you have to use a small screw driver to release the tube that contains all the wires, I accidentally poked my screw driver in the tube instead of of the tabs, thank god it didn't puncture.

The grounding wire was also kinda tricky, cause we can't actually connect to the grounding next to the windshield wiper valve thing so I kinda just improvised and connected it to the spot opposite closest to our ECU unit, hope it doesn't stuff up in the future.

I also cut off 1/2 the plastic that covered the fuse wire from the procede cause I thought u had to actually plug the thing into the fuse itself. Luckily I stopped 1/2 way after I visited the forum and saw that you needed to put in the J shaped copper hook thing into the fuse wire THEN connecting it to the fuse.

Apart from those little silly mistakes, the install was pretty straight forward and took a total of 3 hours.


You can definetely tell the difference straight after installing it. Coming from an Audi A6 3 Litre Quattro to a 335i was already pretty insane. After the procede it was just plain nuts.

I don't really know much about cars so I can't really get into the specifics of how much hp and torque I gained but probably the most significant change I feel in my 4 hours of testing after the installation was how fast the car went from 60-80.

The car definetely feels more powerful, especially after 3k rpm where the needle just goes straight to 5k and then 7k.

Anyways, its 2am right now, feeling dead tired after the install + 4 hours of testing driving from Sunnybank to Beaudesert.

Overall I'm very satisfied, if anyone is in Brisbane, the number plate is VIVA88, and it's alpine white. If you see me driving around, give me a yell.