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JBAutosports was at the Scion FR-S unveiling at Toyota of Des Moines.

- It really is cool to see how low the engine is mounted in the engine bay.
- Also the oil filter sits right on top and can be replaced easily.
- Interesting how the fenders do not have full sheetmetal under the hood. Probably weight savings which makes sense.
- Rear swaybar is teeny tiny. Probably to keep oversteer down. A mild increase in size could help with rear end rotation
- There is some weight reduction that can be easily right off the bat. The battery, spare tire, tools and exhaust/cats alone I think could drop a 100 lbs off the car.
- The stock 215's will not cut it. I think a 8"/9" staggered setup with some 225/245's with a more aggressive offset will make the car pop. Seems like the rear fenders will not need a roll or a mild one. Seems like they are cut from factory with a little lip.
- The interior is more basic than the BRZ but will do...because racecar.
- Personally, I like the seats a lot. They look like they would hug the driver. The red "wings" on the seat are a nice touch and compliment the red stitching in the car - the ricer in me approves. Disappointed, no slots for harnesses.
- Lots of subaru stamps and logos all over the engine bay, which is to be expected.

This car shows promise. I think it will be a hoot to auto-x and do HPDE's with. Not a lot of power, yes - but will make a person really become a better driver, I think.

Big question - How will engine endure punsihment? Will ringlands handle it? Lets hope Subaru did real work this time to ensure this is a better motor.

Anyways, all in all - I walked away with some for the FR-S!

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