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Originally Posted by SERI335 View Post
Well still pondering the A/S option at the moment. The Michelins have great reviews everywhere, they have their 45k mileage warranty plus the $70 rebate which brings the price down a bit. I don't intend on taking the repair/replacement certificates since the roads in TX are pretty decent.
Note if you have staggered sizes (sport package) Michelin cuts that tire warranty in half, because you can't rotate the tires. So only 22.5K miles tread warranty on staggered sizes.

Having said that, I have them and like them a lot. I have about 26K on my rears now, and expect to get about 30K before they need replacing.

Fronts probably would have gone 35-40K, but they had a problem throwing off small chunks of tread uniformly around the tires. Michelin just replaced them with a 30% credit against the new ones, acknowledging that they had a mold problem in the factory prior to 2011 with that size, and many others saw the issue as well. They say any tires dated 2011 or later will be fine.

Other than the chunking, I like them a lot -- much quieter than the OEM bricks, and the car feels like it actually has a suspension now! Unless you track your car, I bet you won't notice much difference in the handling -- just remember to up your pressures because the sidewalls are softer than RFT's -- I run 38 all around on mine with the sport package and they ride and handle sweet.

Figure out what you are going to do re spare -- I got a kit from Bavarian Auto, doesn't really take that much space in the trunk. 4 tires and the spare kit will still cost less than 4 new RFT's, and last nearly twice as long.

Good luck with them!