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Originally Posted by maswastage View Post
All in all, it seems not much has changed and that's probably a good thing. And on a side note, the 4-cylinder 528i loaner I drove returned 24 mpg on my commute vs my car's 32 mpg. So much for the 4-banger being as efficient as the diesel...
I noticed the same thing, but for me it seems like its more based on the dead spot in the pedal on the 8 speed transmission, and I have to push the pedal more in order to have the car move forward.

Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
Car runs smooth, did not notice any loss of power, however I dont know if just me but I remember my car having like a lot of engine braking upon lifting off the throttle, dont feel that anymore it is almost as if the car had less back pressure. Does anyone else knows what I am talking about?
If they get rid of the engine braking, I'll be sad. Its real handy in stop and go traffic.
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