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Originally Posted by E92nate View Post
Nice rides. Diggin the E30, a lot! I need a side project myself and I think you've helped me decide. Thanks and congrats and welcome! What kind of suspension is that on the E92, again??
E30's are awesome, highly recommended. They go for a premium though, so take your time searching until you find a clean one. They get a TON of attention from everyone, not just car enthusiasts. Everytime I park it somewhere, whenever I come back to my car there is someone taking a picture of it and/or asking of the wheels are real (and yes, they're real).

Suspension is H&R sport. They don't go quite as low in the front as I would prefer, but that's a good thing for me since I bought this car intending NOT to slam it on the ground. I have the E30 to drive if I feel the need to scrape on the ground.