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what's the thing in your ashtray
It is a music keg display that you can read about in this thread.

I mentioned in the thread that I was going to use the Kenwood KNW AUX to work with my XM radio. However, I have decided to use it to hook up a Rhapsody-to-go player (Treo 650 with ptunes or Creative Zen Micro). When the KNW Aux senses activity on the RCA inputs, it defaults to the RCAs. If it is not getting an RCA signal (when the Treo is paused, stopped, off) it will play the keg over the aux inputs. This is easier for me than going in and out of the console to plug/unplug different players. I just have the Rca to miniplug wire tucked under my side of the console then I pull it up in between the emergency brake lever and the console. It is a nice for long trips or when I just put a new album on the portable mp3 player.

The keg is three pieces (one part is in the storage area where the spare would be in the trunk, the other is a "modulator" that is in the compartment under the steering wheel, and the third piece is the display). Here are a couple pics with the display in site: