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Exclamation Absolutely horrible customer service


For those who live in or around the Kalamazoo, Michigan area, I would strongly suggest you do not give the BMW dealer your business.

Here's the story, I just returned from buying the BMW leather care kit and the process was met with frowns, muttered words under breath, and a general sense of being pissed off. Granted, I had arrived at 5:51 (closing time is 6:00) but I was surprised to see lack of reception...

1. No one was initially available to sell me the item, then when the cashier walked through the service door, he was very surprised. His tone of voice dropped and became very terse.
2. Well, he then tells me that he would have to ring me up in the Honda building (new BTW, nice!) next door since the register is closed (early) in the BMW building.
3. I get there and the female cashier gives me a very dirty look and I ask kindly if they are sticking around just to ring me up. Apparently they were, and mind you, it's about to hit 6 p.m. and the official close can't happen yet. I get the rudest "Yes...." out of here and a general sense that I wasn't wanted there. I felt very angry and pushed to the side in this whole arrangement.

NOTE: I used to work retail and I fully understand how the approaching closing time can make you anxious and eager to leave, but here's the catch... It's a business, you don't close until the posted and advertised time. Until time, you put up and shut up, with a smile on your face.