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And on a side note, the 4-cylinder 528i loaner I drove returned 24 mpg on my commute vs my car's 32 mpg. So much for the 4-banger being as efficient as the diesel...
Where's Saintor at? He raved about that motor.... (which i drove and it sounded terrible and was very loud.)

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Interesting about your economy. I havent had the chance to take any longer drives, but the few times I was able to get over 40mpg in the 528i. Must have been the short drive that caused it to stay that high.

highest economy I have gotten in the d is 35.5 from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. lowest was 28.4 during daily driving and to work. Interested to see the change if I get a software update.
i assume you view the on board computers #'s which aren't always accurate.

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If they get rid of the engine braking, I'll be sad. Its real handy in stop and go traffic.
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engine braking??
Imagine if we had jake brakes? lol, i can't imagine what it would sound like. be perfect when you spot a cop and don't want your lights to light up.