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My Review:

Scales :

Install Difficulty
1-10 (1 being simple, 10 being get a mechanic to do it for you, you'll screw it up!)

1-10 (1 being shitty, 10 being can't get enough!)



Install Difficulty: 3
Enjoyment: 8


Ok, now that I've given the scores out, let me elaborate.

The install is as simple as it gets. It's about as easy as changing out the OEM filter. It literally took me about 25mins to do. I've taken out my MAF on my other car (2003 G35 Coupe) about a baker's dozen times to clean it - so that was a snap and probably comprised of 80% of the time - unscrewing from old and re-screwing to new.

The enjoyment portion is a little weird. I say that b/c my experience is like @ss backwards than most posting on here. I personally BARELY hear a thing that's any different than OEM, unless I have her at WOT. I hear a *slight* air suction sound that I think most are referring to as a "whoosh". My G35 coupe has a STILLEN air intake and it's much, much louder than this - but I'm most likely comparing apples and oranges. I definitely don't hear anything that's even remotely comparable to a BOV. Some have posted that they purchased this intake strictly for the SOUND it makes, but I purchased it for more of a combo - sound if it makes sound cool, if not, cool - and some improvement on throttle response.

Sound aside, I IMMEDIATELY noticed a nice improvement in throttle response! The car feels like she's "pulling" much harder and doesn't seem to "lag" as much, when at a dead stop and going through from 1st to 2nd gear. I'm really thrilled that just an intake can improve on this car so well. I have a ETS exhaust that's about to get installed and an ETS intercooler, so I'm excited to think of all the improvements these parts working together will make!

The product overall is HIGH quality and really well put together. Great work Burger!!!

I really wanted the AFE intake but I wasn't about to spend 400+ for it, so thanks Burger Motorsports!!!!!!!!!!

For others thinking of pulling the trigger, I'll leave you with quote I feel fits perfectly:

"It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." (Ferris Buellers Day Off).

Thanks Guys!