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Originally Posted by RaceBlood View Post
If this is your only complaint, get over it. Yes, they had a bad attitude, so you had a issue with it, and come here and whine. Get a life. Get out in the world and see what really makes life hard, but moaning about the service for BMW parts purchase, is rather short sighted. You should of called the next business day and spoke to the GM/Owner and told then how you feel, end of story.

You are entitled, to nothing. Thats life.
How dare you lecture someone who's served in your armed services on "life?" I find it immensely hilarious that you live in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, where those who live there usually have earned the right to be entitled to the nicer things in life and receive it, and you decide to lecture me about how I'm entitled to nothing...? Especially when I expect to receive the embodiment of the first rule of retail, good customer service. On that note, I called BMWNA after the fact and did my homework, so don't tell me what I should and shouldn't have done.

Another amazing thing is that you didn't bother to ask any details and decided to go half-cocked into this discussion.

You'll notice that I gave some rationale and didn't mention any names. I was quite respectful of the situation and as such, simply gave an impression. You're barking up the wrong tree.

While I respect your right to disagree, I humbly disrespect your tactics. Have a good day, sir.

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