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Originally Posted by SERI335 View Post
Well still pondering the A/S option at the moment. The Michelins have great reviews everywhere, they have their 45k mileage warranty plus the $70 rebate which brings the price down a bit. I don't intend on taking the repair/replacement certificates since the roads in TX are pretty decent.

I know the Contis are good, but I've read that the (comparably) softer sidewalls take away some of the road feel. The Potenzas - I've had them on my Subaru (RE960) and now the 335 (RFT). Although they're both summers, I've developed a strong aversion to Bridgestones from those experiences.

My stock tires still have decent tread on them but they're just too damn noisy.
Was the road noise the issue for the Potenzas?