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It looks very nice! Do you have any suggestions for my much more basic setup? I have an Archos Gmini 400 (20 GB media player) in the center console plugged into the AUX IN. I also have a wired remote that I'd like to keep outside the center console to switch tracks, etc. However, the wire is a little too thick for the center console to close properly. Do you have any suggestions on how to route the wire from the center console to the outside?

Also, I'm also considering hooking up a Roady 2. In your setup, you said you used a KNW AUX, allowing you to essentially have 2 devices feeding 1 AUX IN port. Is that correct? I'm having trouble visualizing that. The My Fi connects to the KNW via RCA, the Keg connects via the PIE, and then there is just one output cable terminating in the AUX IN? The KNW senses which device is active and will alternatively feed the signal. Do I have that right?

Any help you can give is appreciated. Your setup is very cool...